Do I need to see the dentist?

Is the way our lives are, we tend to succumb to the hustle and bustle of life. He might end up getting into our own personal obligations and the like, ad while we might believe that there isn’t a reason to go to the dentist and that nothing is hurting, we can keep that like it, right? Well, that’s where you’re wrong, and if you say that to any Eugene dentist, you’ll be met with a resounding now.

Most people should see the dentist every six months for a formal checkup and cleaning. If you have been treated for gum disease in the past, they might have to see the dentist ever four months to keep it under control. Even if you take care of your teeth and gums, it is still important to see the dentist.

Most people have untreated tooth decay and gingivitis, which turns into periodontitis, and dental pain isn’t a good indication of a healthy mouth or problems. Most of the time problems actually never hurt, and if they’re small, they go undetected. By the time the issue does reveal itself, usually when you’re in searing pain, it becomes a super expensive problem. By seeing our dentist frequently, you’ll be able to catch the problems such as gum disease, cavities, and the like before the pain gets so much that you need to fix this majorly.

If you see your dentist twice a year, you’ll be able to prevent other complications down the road, and it’ll help with your overall health. Some major medical conditions have diseases and symptoms that do appear in the mouth. Gum disease for example can be a predisposed condition to diabetes, and by treating it, you’ll be able to maintain control of your diabetes. Dentists and other healthcare professionals also try to look into the mouth to see if there is any oral cancer, for many medications can affect the mouth, gums, and teeth, and some major medical treatments can often impact your overall oral health, and our ability to have dental treatments in the future. You’re not going to get hurt for getting a checkup to see what’s going on, and if you are trying to get onto a different medication, it can end up really helping you and saving you bacon as well.

Now, you might wonder if you need to see the dentist if you’re high risk? The answer, is yes. If you smoke, have diabetes, gum disease, if you get cavities that will build plaque, if you have a weak immune system with lots of bacterial infections, or if you’ve been treated for head and neck cancers in the past, then you’re a likely candidate to go see the dentist, for you are part of a high-risk group, and it’s important that you ensure that you’re going to the dentist in order to ensure that you’re in the best overall oral health that you can be in.

Now, even if you aren’t in a high-risk group, you should see the dentist a lot. If you have gums that bleed whenever you take care of your teeth, have a mouth sore that’s not going away, if you’ve chipped or broken a tooth, or have a hole in it, even without it hurting, you should see the dentist. If you’re going to be doing medical treatments such as chemotherapy, HRT, or are taking a medication to change your bone density, you should go too. If you can’t chew food, have pain or swelling anywhere, have a yucky taste in your mouth or bad breath, or are pregnant, you should go too. Even if you don’t like the way you smile, have a loose tooth, or are extremely sensitive to various temperatures, you should go.

Even if you’re in impeccable oral health, you should go see the dentist. It’ll help to keep everything around for longer and if you see your Eugene dentist frequently, you’ll be able to improve your overall oral health and wellness. It’ll help to prevent the smaller problems from becoming a major problem, and it’ll do you a whole lot of good in the future if you take care of it now before it becomes anything worse.